Why EventPress?

EventPress is an online events and RSVP management system that allows different users and teams to create, edit and manage events with a variety of editing tools and event options. Users are able to issue customised invitations, as well as RSVP’s, via e-mail and/or SMS. The managing of responses is predominantly automated; however, editing responses manually remains a simple and easy task thanks to our super user-friendly tools.

For corporate clients, EventPress has the added capability of creating separate event databases for different departments and divisions within your company, meaning your team’s events are only accessible by you and your relevant team members.

EventPress enables event specialists to finalise complex tasks that would ordinarily take weeks to complete, in mere minutes. Sending save-the-dates, aide-memoires, invitation reminders, e-mails and SMSes has never been easier.


Current tools and features available on EventPress

EventPress has become a powerful RSVP manager and offers users a variety of event management tools to make life that much easier:

Create/ Edit Events

Event Reminders

Event Surveys

Customise RSVP Forms


(Excel Downloads)

E-mail & SMS Invitations

E-mail & SMS Campaigns

Save The Dates

Name Tags

Guest List Management

Check-in & Registration


Current tools and features available on EventPress

EventPress users are provided with the tools to enable them to do everything online by themselves and we strive to make user-friendly systems

"EventPress allows us to take control of our events. The system is so user-friendly that is a pleasure to work on. Cost-efficient and powerful for sure."


What we use

Our progressive systems are built and updated to cater for all new technologies and devices. We believe in responsive design which enables our users and clients to work from any device available, anywhere. These devices include everything from mobile phones to iPads—you simply need access to an internet connection!

We continue to update our code-base regularly to ensure that our systems remain industry leading in the online world.


We're here to help

EventPress users are provided with the tools to enable them to do everything online by themselves and we strive to make user-friendly systems that empower our users to take control of their projects and events.

However, should any help be needed, we are only an e-mail or phone call away. Whether you need assistance with sourcing images, designing banners, uploading guest lists, or anything else you can think of, drop us a call and we’ll get on it right away!


How safe is our/your data?

All of our applications require access through a secure HTTP connection. This ensures two things; the channel between a user’s browser and the HotPress application server is encrypted to make sure that no prying eyes intercept any data being exchanged, and it provides a level of reputational security by providing some assurance that users are connected to the correct website. The “padlock” icon that appears in the browser’s address bar and all secure addresses beginning with “https” is indicative of this security.


For big business

EventPress is ready for big business. We have a dedicated support team to help our enterprise clients get the most out of every event. Have something big planned? No problem! EventPress is up to the task.

Want to run EventPress on your own infrastructure? We have options to help get a custom installation up and running on your systems.

EventPress is always evolving and we're constantly introducing new tools and features for all our clients, enterprise included.

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