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How it works


Easily create events by following a few simple steps. Add dates, times, dress codes, venues and event artwork.


Upload your guest list and customize the RSVP form that respondents need to complete. when you're ready, Send it!


Keep track of your respondents from your own event dashboard. We'll automatically manage your RSVP's for you.

But that's not all...

EventPress is part of a growing suite of applications designed to simplify the lives of professionals in numerous industries. We have big plans for all our tools and they will only improve over time. We are very proud of what we have created and we hope you find EventPress useful.


Communicate with your guests, respondents and non-attending through our built-in correspondence tools. Send emails and SMS messages to help get the message to the people who need it.

Aide Memoire

Need to remind your guests of your event? Our Aide Memoire and reminder tools are easy to use and simple to set up. Send as many reminders as you need.


Attach maps, documents or photographs to your event invitations. Your guests will be able to download and keep the attachments you add. We store your attachments securely, and will provide your guests with the links where they can be downloaded.

Save to calendar

EventPress will automatically create ICS files which are included with every event invite. Guests can easily add your event dates and times directly to their calendar.

Event artwork

Our events would be pretty boring if we couldn't customize them somehow. EventPress provides a set of simple customization tools that you can use to add your own special touch to each event. Add header images, or even entire event flyers.

Save the date

EventPress also provides a simple "Save the Date" tool. Not ready to send out your actual invites just yet? Send a save the date notification so your guests know to expect the invite.

Archive events

When your event is done but you're not sure you want to delete it, EventPress provides and event archive. Archived events are simply moved to a separate list so you don't get confused.

Corporate profiles

EventPress can be white labeled for corporate clients. Add your logo and corporate colours so that guests see your branding when responding to invites.

Trusted by the big and small

Our clients are our pride and joy. Some of the biggest brands in the World have trusted us with their content and their media distribution. We have formed great relationships with the awesome people who represent these brands and we are proud to call them our clients.

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EventPress is for everyone. You don't need to be a giant of the corporate world. Bring your events to EventPress and find piece of mind.

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